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Chocolate Confections

The following premium chocolates are $29.95 per pound...

Almond Clusters

Oven roasted almonds bathed in smoooooth
milk chocolate.

I bet you can’t eat just one.

Coconut Rough

Pure milk chocolate poured over pure coconut topped
with a sprinkle of roasted coconut.

A pure and lasting favorite.

Mint Truffles

The creamiest smooth chocolate mint centers dipped in pure milk chocolate.

These may change life as you know it. :)

Pecan Turtles

Pecans + caramel + chocolate = love!

The ideal formula for yumminess.

Sea Salt Caramels

Perfect caramel hand dipped in milk chocolate with a
sprinkle of sea salt.

Balanced perfection of sweet 'n salty!


Old-school butter toffee covered with chocolate and almonds.

A delicious and nostalgic taste of our traditional past.

Pretzel Rods ~ $2.49 each

Fresh 8″ pretzel rods enrobed in caramel and dipped in chocolate.

Does it get any better than this?

           Caramel Lollipops ~ $1.75 each

             Heaven on a stick. Handmade caramel dipped in chocolate.

            The perfect little gift.

Grandma’s Caramels ~ $.60 each

Grandma Florence’s original caramel wrapped
in kiss paper.

Spread the love!

Grandma’s Licorice Caramel ~ $.60 each

This ample and incredibly smooth confection rivals all black licorice.

A tradition lives on!

Chocolate Dipped Oreos ~ $.60 each

America’s favorite cookie smothered in my special milk chocolate.

US Senator Orrin Hatch loved them so much he ordered 10,000 of them!

Rocky Road ~ $3.75 each

A delicious 3-ounce brick of marshmallow, chocolate, coconut and roasted pecans.

One bite will start you on the road to happiness.

Boxed Chocolates

Lahna’s Chocolates packaged in a variety of options...

Le Petite Box ~ $4.95

Four delectable chocolates for a little gift.

You can’t go wrong with this. Great for party favors.

Six Ounce Box ~ $9.90

Eight handcrafted Lahna’s chocolates.

A big statement in a small box.

Half Pound Box ~ $14.95

A beautiful selection of twelve incredible hand-dipped confections.

Always makes the receiver feel special!

One Pound Box ~ $29.95

A generous assortment of twenty-five delicious chocolates and caramels.

Enough to share (if you really want to). My most popular box.

Two Pound Box ~ $59.95

Two layers of fifty incredible handcrafted delights.

The ultimate gift for someone especially deserving. Ideal for families, clients, and events.

Chocolate Towers

Combine any of the Lahna’s chocolate boxes to create a custom tower of chocolates bundled  with ribbon. Guaranteed to impress. Boxes of Grandma's Caramels, Licorice, or Toffee can be included in the towers.

Grandma Florence Prows

Why Lahna makes chocolates

After 24 years of making chocolates and treats for family and friends, I put together a chocolate company that reflects my love and devotion to this fine edible art, and to the memory of Grandma Florence Prows.

In the later years of Grandma's life, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity of living with, and caring for her. As each holiday season approached, I helped Grandma make her famous chocolate treats creating timeless memories and sweet traditions.

Family stories tell of one snowy morning during the Great Depression when Grandpa Prows—looking for work in a difficult economy—found a $5 bill under the windswept snow. After much consideration on how the newfound treasure should be spent, Grandma offered to take some of the money and purchase ingredients to make candy to sell. Miraculously, her confections helped the Prows family get through very difficult times.

In tribute to this great woman, I carry on the tradition of helping care for family and friends by creating handcrafted, high-quality confections, just as she would have done.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

~ Lahna

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